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Financial Goals

 Although we all have different goals and aspirations, most of our goals involve or require financial planning. If you plan on managing your coins better in 2018 here are 3 tips to get you started!
Draft a Vision
We all need motivation to start adopting better money habits. If you create a vision board or physically write out your goals, it can help you to stay on track with with your financial goals. Place this vision board or goal sheet in a place where you will see it like the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or in your cubicle. This will help you keep your eyes on the prize on a daily basis.
Set Specific Financial Goals
Use numbers and dates, not just words, to describe what you want to accomplish with your money. How much debt do you want to pay off—and when? How much do you want saved, and by what date? Where do you want to travel and how much will it cost? How many months will it take to save in order to purchase that new car? What will be the initial cost of starting your business?
Adopt a Spending Mantra
Pick out a positive phrase that acts like a mini rule of thumb for how you spend. For example, ask yourself, “Is this [fill in purchase here] better than traveling to Jamaica next year?” or “I only charge items that are $30 or less.” When it comes to personal finances it is important to see the forest (big dream) , but also see the trees (the individual transactions).
If you need help creating a financial vision, financial goals/budgets, or spending mantras feel free to send a message and I will work with you to get started.
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